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Monday, July 20, 2009

Fibroid Tumors – Can Chinese Herbs Help Reduce the Size Of Your Fibroid Tumors?

by Tracy Braime

Well… After traveling to china town in Los Angeles for a period of eight weeks to have a little old lady behind a counter of chicken claws, and things that I cannot describe or even pronounce bag up my weekly supply of Chinese herbs to get rid of my fibroid tumors the results are finally in.

THE BREW - Chinese Herbs

I did the Chinese herb thing for about eight weeks which consisted off a daily brew of herbs simmered in two cups of water for one hour until reduced to a half cup of sludge that taste like something you would not want to force upon your worst enemy!

Besides stinking out my whole house…. after the first week I think I got used to it. In one hand was the half cup of sludge and in the other a cold glass of orange juice to immediately chase the gruesome taste.


After all that the results were has follows.

I did seem to notice some long term results has far has my period not being has heavy. That meant that I could actually leave the house during a this time of the month without having to bring my suitcase of tampons and change of clothing just in case one of those emergencies happened where all of a sudden it looks like someone has just switched on the garden hose and it is running through your body like a freight train.

I recently got another scan on my fibroid tumors and unfortunately the results were the same…. I big congratulations from my gynecologist for having the stomach of a four month pregnant women.

Not quite what I wanted to hear, but what can we do. The show must go on and as I stick to my daily mantra of…. “There are no problems just solutions”, I do see the light at the end of the tunnel and you should too.

Just one day at a time girls… that’s all we can do just make it through today.


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