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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Uterus Fibroid - Holistic Treatment

The mental causes for fibroids are compelled by nursing a hurt from a partner, which is experienced as a blow to a woman’s ego. Here are some facts.

  • Types of Fibroids: Serosal, Intra-Mural and Sub-Mucous.
  • Fibroids are also called: Myoma, Leiomyoma, Leiomyomata and Fibromyoma.
  • Fibroids are benign growths, arising from the muscular wall of the uterus.
  • Fibroids vary in size, and can remain for years with little change. Others grow faster and reach the size of a 5 month pregnancy or more.
  • Most common symptons: Pelvic pain/pressure and heavy menstrual bleeding. For some women difficulty becoming pregnant is the first indication of fibroids
  • During pregnancy, pre-existing fibroids can increase 3-5 times in size. This is believed to be due in part to the very high estrogen level in pregnancy, as well as to other factors stimulating the pregnancy changes. Generally after pregnancy, fibroids shrink to their pre-pregnancy size.
  • Menopausal women who take estrogen show a varying response. Some who start with significant size fibroids may notice a slow increase in size, while others experience very little change.
  • Approximately 80% of women by age 50 have uterine fibroids. 25-30% of Caucasians, and 50% of women of African background. When tiny fibroids are included, some studies suggest that by the menopause nearly every woman has them.
  • In most cases, there is more than one fibroid present. Sometimes there are as many as 50 or more. A solitary fibroid is much less frequent.
  • Cancer in a fibroid is highly uncommon (1:750 to 1000). Some data suggests that cancer (sarcoma) does not arise from a pre-existing fibroid, but develop in an area of the uterus not a fibroid.
To effectively implement a holistic protocol, seek evaluation by a holistic practitioner. What is recommended depends on your specific individual health and the duration of the fibroids. It also depends on your age and fertility desires, the size and number of your fibroid tumors, the location of your fibroids and the symptoms they are causing. Any treatment protocol needs to be tailored to your situation. See elements of Holistic Treatment.

In addition to implementing holistic outer protocol, you need to go within to address the emotional reason you created the fibroids—nursing a hurt from a partner, which you experienced as a blow to your ego. You need to release the pattern in yourself that attracted this experience—then begin creating only good in your life.

Ask yourself what are my insecurities? What negative beliefs do I have about myself? What boundaries do I need to set in order to honor my integrity? Am I a sexual abuse survivor or do I wonder if I am a sexual abuse survivor, but don't know for sure? A higher percentage of women who are sexual abuse survivors have fibroids than woman who are not sexual abuse survivors. This is not surprising since sexual abuse is a major blow to the female ego.

If after honestly asking these questions, you are unable to discover the emotional element of your fibroids consult with a holistic—mind, body, spirit—healer. www.drdorothy.net

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dorothy_M._Neddermeyer,_PhD

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Kate said...

seriously - nothing cures fibroids like unsulphered blackstrap molasses.
I found a site for something totally different and now I read this site all day long! it's called earthclinic dot com and has tons of home remedies - excellent! I use apple cider vinegar (with the mother in it) every day and cayenne pepper etc...


"Dear Williams, I wanted to drop you a note and say 'THANK YOU', from the bottom of my heart. I was browsing the Internet back in AUGUST this year looking for help, any help. I have been diagnosed with a large fibroid that was extremely painful especially at night before my period. Thankfully enough I accidentally came across so many people with different ailment thanking dr williams for his medication. I thought I should give his medicine a try and if it worked then the thirty something bucks would have been worth it. I ordered his medicine and went to my local health store and bought the herbs and vitamins and the other more basic ingredients for his medicine and then started his medication that day. After 7 days I didn't see any change so I thought 'here we go again'. But it wasn't another disappointment. By the end of the 4th week on a bright Monday morning, all the pain and the awful bloated feeling just stopped. I immediately went and performed another ultrasound and guess what? The fibroid was not there anymore. I was so happy!

Thanks to your advice, I now know how to prevent any future fibroid formation and the array of symptoms that goes along with it, including the severe bleeding and heavy periods. Thank you so much for everything!"for more information on how to get his medication you can email him on drwilliam098675@gmail.com

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