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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How I Dissolved My Fibroid Tumors With Systemic Enzymes and Serrapeptase

I cannot say enough about systemic enzymes (Vitalzym with serrapeptase)… I started taking it about two and a half months ago. I have noticed huge changes in my whole body but first let’s start with the tumors.

First of all my bleeding slowed down and my periods are much lighter. I have not being for a scan since I started taking Vitalzym, but I know my body and I know changes are taking place.

Second the tumors were pushing on my bladder so I could not hold my water for very long, I was always running to the bathroom like I had a plane to catch that was getting ready to leave the boarding gate. This is no longer the case!

Third my protruding stomach has gone down you know that little extra package of apples and oranges called tumors that are just sitting there in your stomach like excess baggage. Well I left the excess baggage on the turn table. I know they have not completely gone yet but we are sure making progress.

The other changes that I have noticed are in my skin, I have had skin break out since I was a teenager and I have tried every product on the market. Guess what my skin looks great and it heals really quickly. If you have kids with acne they will love you if you get them this stuff, and if you would just like to have great glowing skin this is just an added bonus for you.

I also dance so I often get bruised swollen feet on a regular basis, and they would swell up like an elephant. I have noticed that the bruising and swelling just barely appears.

I seem to have lost weight since I started the product but I am not sure if it is in relation to vitalzym (systemic enzymes), but Dr Perricone just came out with his weight loss diet where he talks about inflammation and its relationship to loosing weight. Keep the inflammation down keep down the fat!

There are many systemic enzyme products on the market, such as wobenzym (there is no serrapeptase in this product), but based upon my research and testimonial the best product is Vitalzym with serrapeptase. Serrapeptase is a key ingredient because it helps break down the tumor mass. Not all systemic enzymes have serrapeptase and some of them do have it but not enough. You can go to more info to find the answers to your other questions on ingredients and benefits of this product.

I did notice a detox phase so I would suggest you start to take it on a Friday so you have the weekend to rest. It seemed like I was starting to get the flu, and I felt really tired but it only lasted a few days. When I took my ski trip over the holidays this winter I did not take Vitalzym with serrapeptase for about a week and I noticed the same symptoms when I started taking Vitalzym again.

You will notice when Vitalzym kicks in, the clue for me that the systemic enzymes were working on my tumors was a clear jelly type of discharge that my body was releasing. I think this is the tumor dissolving. I also had some intereting feelings in my uteres in the first month.

After doing more research on this product I have found that more women have had the same results so here are a few testimonials from them:

SUGGESTED USE - For Dissolving Fibroid Tumors
The following suggested use guide is for taking Vitalzym for uterine fibroid tumors. Please go over this with your health care practitioner to decide on a program that is best for you.
Start a bit slowly to minimize the effects of the Initial Cleansing Phase. Initial Cleansing. A suggestion is:

Day 1 - take 6 capsules (2 caps 3x day)
Day 2 - take 9 capsules (3 caps 3x day)
Day 3 - take 12 capsules (3 caps 4x day -or- 4 caps 3x day)
Day 4 - take 15 capsules (3 caps 5x day –or- 5 caps 3xday)
Day 5 and beyond - continue with 15 or more capsules per day until you feel that the tumors have adequately shrunk.

The suggested dosage of 15 capsules per day is the minimum for all fibroid sizes. Women with large or mature fibroids, or who wish to speed up the process, have taken up to 30 per day.
Take enzymes away from food - at least ½ before eating, or 1 hour after eating. You should drink plenty of water when you take the capsules, and during the day to assist your body in flushing out the toxins, debris, and the dissolved tumors.

Try to spread your doses over a 24 hour period. A suggestion is to take 1/3 your dose first thing in the morning, 1/3 last thing at night, and the rest in between. That way you’ll have the enzymes working in your body almost continuously.

After they are shrunk adequately, and if you are not yet into menopause, your body could possibly try to grow more fibroids. You could take a maintenance dose of enzymes until you begin menopause to prevent their reoccurrence. Six to nine capsules per day of Vitalzym would probably do the job. Vitalzym provides many other health benefits, so you may want to continue taking it for those reasons also. Or, you could discontinue its use, and start up again if you think the tumors are growing again.

I am currently taking 15 per day but some people have taken a higher dosage.

Vitalzym is an all-natural, 100% vegetarian, systemic enzyme supplement with a unique blend of enzymes including a highly potent form of serrapeptase. Vitalzym is the strongest and most recommended vegetarian systemic enzyme available today.

I urge you to share this product with your loved ones or anyone you know who is suffering with any ailments or chronic pain. This in my opinion should be on every ones supplement shelf, if there was only one supplement that I could take this would be the one based upon the amazing results I have seen in my over all health and wellness.

Be well for you and your family.


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