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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Systemic Enzyme Testimonials From Women With Fibroid Tumors

The following testimonials are from women who used systemic enzymes (Vitalzym with Serrapeptase) to help dissolve there uterine fibroid tumors and other ailments.

"Vitalizym miracle"
I am not sure if I'm dreaming or my doctor got the figures wrong initially. I was diagnosed with fibroids one 7cm and the other 3cm in November 07. I started on Vitalyzm in December 07 and have just completed one 450 caps bottle. Just yesterday I went to the doctor for baseline tests in preparation for High Blood pressure medication and my fibroids were confirmed. The only surprising information was that she confirmed I have two fibroids all 3cm and none is 7cm. Is it possible one has already shrunk?


"Improvements- YES!"

Hello all! This board has been way to quiet. I thought I would report what about 3 weeks on Vitalzym has done for me that I have noticed. I have numerous Fibromas (fatty tumors) and many have shrunk unbelievably. This is just a side benefit. As for my fibroids...I have many and they are large.

Have not been to the Dr. as I felt they have nothing to offer me except surgery at this point. They really hadn't bothered me, I have no pain during my period and don't have to even take advil. However, recently I have been really bloated and feeling uncomfortable for most of the month. My abdomen was pretty "rock hard". Well, I haven't had my period yet this month (2 days from now) but I can tell you that I have noticed a large change in the softness in my abdomen/uterus. I am doing the all out regime of 30 Vitalzym (3 x 10) 4 DIm (2 x 2) 4 Myomin (2 x 2) Zinc (1) Calcium Glucanate (1 x 3), Magnesium (4) at night and the Munti Vitamin. I have no doubt that this seems to be the ticket for me. I will report monthly and keep you up to date! Good luck to all!


"Hi I'm Back With Great News."

BACKGROUND: Female age 54 and in menopause since age 47. Severe fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome since 1997. Diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in August 2004. This is a scarring of the lungs that, in my case, was caused from GERD (acid reflux) that had spilled over to my lungs for years whenever I was sleeping on my stomach. Also, I've had two uterine fibroids for the last five years. One the size of a grapefruit one the size of an orange. My abdomen has been the size of a four month pregnancy. Since I was in menopause the doctor's advised a hysterectomy. Instead I decided to try Vitalzym a little over three months ago.

I started Vitalzym for those three main reasons; Fibro/chronic fatigue, pulmonary fibrosis and uterine fibroids. On about the fifth day I had severe detox reactions so I had to cut back from 12-15 capsules down to 6 a day. After about a week I started increasing the dose slowly until I reached 20-25 per day, which is what I'm still taking. Around day 8 I started getting sharp and almost constant pains in my left ovary that just recently has subsided. I had hot "twinges" in my legs and ankles that ended the first month. Twinges in my left hip that still occur and very strange sensations of "warmth" and "burning" in my lungs just this past month. In the beginning the pain of fibromyalgia worsened to the point of almost giving up on the enzymes.


But the best news is: I had another pulmonary test just last week. -- the result: MY DOCTOR WAS "AMAZED" AND SAID, "ON ONE PART OF THE TEST IT SHOWED YOUR SCAR TISSUE TO BE SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED!!!! HE THEN CALLED IT A "MIRICLE"!!!!!!!!! I told him it was the enzymes I was taking and he just looked at me like I was a nut case. He gathered his composure and then said, Well, WHATEVER your doing -- KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!

I've been able to lower my oxygen intake while at home and not even take it with me on most outings!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW this resulted from Vitalzym and prayer!!!!

I don't know yet if my fibroids have shrunk for sure. I think they have shrunk some but I won't know for sure until February when I have another ultrsound. I'll certainly let everyone on the other message board know how that goes.

I have taken many vitamins, herbs etc. since 1997 when I was diagnosed with fibro./chronic fatigue but nothing ever seemed to help much. In the last month I added Niacin and BioDIM and have been dieting, which may have contributed to the drop in cholesterol.


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